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We highlight both regular and plus size picks to awaken your inner goddess, as well as holiday and special occasion picks for brides and vixens.

Be sure to also check out our articles about lingerie history. You'll not only discover fun little nuggets from the past, but how lingerie has mirrored the evolution of not only women's roles in society, but our concept of the ideal feminine shape.

You'll also want to check out some great articles from ancient times through modern day Hollywood, including snapshots of vamps and vixens who have influenced how we see ourselves and our role in society. 

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We love lingerie—all lingerie, but especially vintage lingerie—and so must you because you’re here!

Vintage Undercover is all about what’s underneath, what’s beneath the surface, what’s nestled deep inside your soul, what empowers you, and what makes you tick.

We're also your internet scout, dedicated to finding the best vintage and vintage-inspired lingerie on the web!

Our mission is not only to indulge your passion for vintage lingerie, but to highlight the beautiful, sexy lingerie we find and recommend from the web.

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