History of Lingerie :
The 20th Century

As women made  progress in the 20th century, their gradually strengthening self-image and the lingerie they wore expressed their new-found freedom and confidence.

First, it was a long-fought liberation from the unhealthy confines of the super-duper metal and bone corset. (And smelling salts!)

Then it was wait a minute, I think I need more breast support than just a handkerchief . . . and

Maybe we should paint our knees for fun , , ,

How about a bra that makes me look like I have 2 torpedoes on the my chest?

Yeah, sexy!

Let's get rid of hose and girdles. They are so uncomfortable!

Pantyhose is a gift from God.

Forget about the bra, too. Let's wear the no-bra, bra. Or no bra at all.

Well, why not bring the corset back? It's still sexy, right?

But maybe that wasp-waist idea should be a thing of the past.

Yeah, and forget about panty hose: garters and stockings are so hot!

And I kind of like that wasp-waist thing. Is it healthy, though?

And so on. 

Is it true that there's nothing new under the sun? Maybe. 

But women have evolved. There's no doubt about that.

It's just that we still like to feel sexy!

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