Vintage Undercover :
Awaken the Goddess Within !

Why did we build this site? Because we love anything vintage—especially vintage lingerie—and so must you because you’re here!

Vintage Undercover is all about what’s underneath, what’s beneath the surface, what’s nestled deep inside your soul, what empowers you, and what makes you tick. We're about leading you to discover your inner goddess, inspired by the women who came before us who bravely broke through the bondage of constraining societal norms.

Contrary to what some people may think, throughout history ladies’ lingerie has reflected our evolution as women. From oppressed handmaidens of the past to today’s empowered woman, when we take a close look at the history of lingerie, we notice two themes:

  • as the ideal feminine shape changed over time, so follows what's underneath (lingerie); and
  • as women became more empowered throughout history, lingerie becomes less constrictive, less binding. But also, sexier!

But why is it, today, that we are drawn to these beautiful remnants of the past? It’s simple: they make us feel empowered, for we are no longer restricted in that way. Perhaps it is because we have, in our quest for equality, become more distanced from our feminine selves. For, you see, when we put on undergarments of vintage lace and silk, we feel differently. It re-awakens our femininity and we suddenly feel more comfortable in our own skin. And that, my darlings, is why we are here: to give you a place to go when you want to indulge your inner goddess.

At Vintage Undercover, we are all about helping you to rediscover, nurture, and explore the sexy goddess within you. That might be  through the strange and unusual journey of vintage lingerie throughout time, the vamps and vixens of the past that encourage us to take risks and embrace our femininity, or learning about the impact of the breakthrough roles of movie stars on the silver screen (in beautiful lingerie, of course).

And tucked between the pages, you'll find some modern takes on Vintage Style, so feel free to click through and do a little shopping while you're at it!

We hope you'll come back and visit us often, because we're adding more bits of interesting lingerie history, how-to tips, stories of powerful women, and some gorgeous picks from across the web every week!

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