How to Wear a Garter Belt

Garter belts have been around since the Dark Ages, when brides-to-be would toss their garters to their guests the same way you would toss a bouquet. In fact, bringing back a piece of the bride’s garment was good luck!

Garter belts were typically reserved for brides until 1560 when Queen Elizabeth I donned silk stockings accompanied with a garter belt. It is said that she loved this style of hosiery so much that she claimed she would never wear anything else in her lifetime. She seems to have lived up to that claim, as she was never seen wearing anything else from that point on.

Even back then, women loved the femininity associated with the customary look of stockings with garters. Of course, after the 1960s hit, garter belts slowly went out of style, and pantyhose slowly took over after its invention in 1953.

However, garter belts got their sexy back after Susan Sarandon appeared, wearing the sensual garment in the 1988 film Bull Durham. After that, sales for garter belts rose by 15%.

So, how the heck are you supposed to wear one? They can seem so complicated and confusing.

Well, the first thing you want to do is figure out what kind of material you want for your garter belt. They come in satin, lace, fishnet, leather, and vinyl, so there’s a lot to choose from!

If you want a chic, cohesive look, I recommend buying a set of a bra and panties that matches your garter belt. That way, you’ll truly feel like your inner goddess.

If you want to wear your garter belt with a corset, you can wear it underneath the garment and then adjust your garters from there. You can even get a garter belt with a control panel for a smoother, slimmer look.

Another thing to consider is how many straps you need, since garter belts can have anywhere from 4-12 garters attached. Four straps, two garter straps for each leg and one for each side of the legs (front and back), is probably enough if you only planning on wearing the ensemble for a short time for your partner, but you’ll need more like twelve straps if you plan on wearing the ensemble longer. Make sure you get a garter belt with adjustable garters, too! This will come in handy later.

The other thing is to make sure your garter belt fits you well. You don’t want it sliding down, nor do you want it to be too tight around your waist! The best solution to figuring out your size is by using measuring tape to measure your waist, and then consulting the size chart from for your lovely commodity.

As far as your stockings go, it’s best to pair your garter belt with stockings that are actually meant to be worn with garters. These are identifiable by the darker, thicker band at the top of the stocking, known as the welt. You might even splurge for a pair of silk stockings. Even though they’re more expensive, they last longer and are more durable.

Another splurge you might want to partake in is getting a garter belt with metal clips as opposed to plastic ones. This will definitely pay off and prevent your clips from coming undone.

Overall, metal clips are just more reliable and sturdier than a couple of flimsy plastic ones. For stay-up stockings, you definitely need to make sure that your garters and their clips are strong enough to support the elastic or silicone banding of the top of your stockings, as that makes the material much thicker and more difficult for your clips to grasp on to.

Another thing to check is that your garter belt will actually fit. You don’t want it sliding down, nor do you want it to be too tight around your waist! The best solution to figuring out your size is by using measuring tape to measure your waist, and then consulting the size chart from wherever you choose to buy your lovely commodity.

A lot of people ask, “Should I wear my panties under my garter belt, or over it?” Honestly, that’s up to you. While it looks better visually when you where your panties under your garter belt, it does make trips to the bathroom more difficult, which is why a lot of people ask that question.

If you do decide to wear your panties under your garter belt, you’ll need to undo each garter when you go to the bathroom and then reattach them when you’re done.

This may seem tedious, but to some people, this is a necessary sacrifice for “the look”. I personally think that it’s worth it, but there’s certainly no shame in wearing your panties over your garter belt if you prefer that. If you’re brazen enough, you could even wear crotchless panties for the best of both worlds!

No matter how you wear your garter belt, you’ll look like a sensual goddess of love while you do it!

Rock those garters, ladies!

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