Beautiful Vintage Style from Empress Mimi

What can we say about Empress Mimi, other than they have beautiful, well-made lingerie with designs you won't find anywhere else on the web. We especially love their one- or three-month subscription service, where you get a  set of original lingerie from their designers, for a very reasonable price. That's the Foxy Cleopatra set above. What can we say other than, "Fabulous!"

Madame X Blue Sleeved Butterfly Corset Set

This is probably our most favorite lingerie set on the internet right now. We've never seen anything quite like it, and WE BOTH WANT ONE! The corset comes with a matching bra and panties, and could even be worn with jeans for a fun night out! ($$$)

Foxy Cleopatra Bra, Panty, and Garter Belt Set

Cleopatra: Ruler, Mother, Lover, and Vamp Extraordinaire, inspired this lovely set from Empress Mimi. Red is the color of passion, and with passion is how Cleopatra lived her life. So feminine and sexy, just like the goddess that inspired it! ($$$)

La Vie En Rose Vintage Style Bra and Panty Set

This bra and panty set is so pretty in pink! With vintage lace details on the bra cups and panties, it is so feminine with a touch of class. And, as always, the craftmanship is superb. ($$)

Diva & Goddess, Raquel Welch

Vintage Style Lingerie