Victorian Undergarments

You may not think it, but Victorian women started the modern feminist movement in the late 1800s. Perhaps it was all of those uncomfortable years in corsets. Or not being able to vote. Or if you weren't married, you ended up a woman of ill repute or a scullery maid.

But by the end of the era, women were starting to make some real headway in their quest for an empowered place in society. And bloomers were a big part of that.

During the Victorian age, women's undergarments were multitudinous, heavy, and binding. But they were quite lovely, too. Today's replicas are much more comfortable: gone are the whalebone stays, and fabrics are much lighter and softer to the touch.

So go ahead: indulge your inner princess with some frilly, romantic undies from the Victorian age!

Dreamy Victorian Princess Nightgown

Victorian women had really long hair. Wondering why? It's the Rapunzel complex. 

From Amazon comes this sweet and lovely Victorian pink nightgown fit for a princess! Sheer mesh and ruffles create a flowing effect that is sure to give you sweet dreams of pure romance! $$

White Lace Trimmed Skirted Corset 

Corsets are somehow both demure and sexy. Actually, that may be why they are sexy! From Amazon comes this great Strapless Skirted Corset, so much like the undergarments of long ago: ultra feminine and frilly. It's also available in red and black if you're looking for something a little more provocative. $$

In Victorian America, by the 1850s women were rebelling against the heavy, constricting fashion of the time. Learn all about it and the bloomers movement right here!

Ruffled Victorian Bloomers from Amazon

The picture of the woman at right in lace bloomers -- with no corset, mind you -- seems to be defiantly smoking a cigarette to announce her emancipation from uncomfortable clothes! Read more about bloomers in our history section.

Victorian bloomers appeared around 1855, but really weren't so beloved (or called bloomers) until Amelia Bloomer made them a symbol of women's liberation later that century!  The Ruffled Victorian Bloomers at left come from Amazon. No Victorian lady of any substance would go without them! $$

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